Tales of walking, eating, watching and playing. Vintage treasures and simple pleasures ... the things that make her happy.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fab Fairs and Food ...

The third annual Wells Food Festival took place last Sunday.
The beautiful little city of Wells 
is such a wonderful setting for this gastronomic event,
with stalls and a giant marquee in the Market Square,
activities in the Town Hall,
further stalls all around the Bishop's Palace Moat 
and yet more right through to the recreation field.
There is something for everyone.
Mr VJ lunched on a Venison Burger, 
VJ had a warming bowl of bean feast soul food 
and little man opted for smoked cheese macaroni.
Little man was exhausted.
VJ had just collected him from a nearby farm, 
where he had camped overnight 
with a small group of Scouts and Explorers.

The previous day they had completed a 
12 mile sponsored hike for Children in Need.
They had to carry full kit on their backs all the way, 
navigate their route using map and compass,
set up camp on arrival, light a fire, cook and then camp overnight.
It was a tough challenge but they all completed it!

The following day was an early start for VJ,
as she trundled off to the little town of Blandford Forum
for 'Vintage at the Village Hall', 
organised by the lovely Elaine Kirsch of Fab Fairs.
It was a wonderfully busy day.
There were lots of happy customers. 
A lovely array of 45 stalls,
selling either true vintage or original handmade, 
VJ even bought a few Christmas presents for friends and family,
oh, and a couple of treats for herself!
Sorry, not many photos ... it was too busy!
Next one ... Spring 2016! 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Shades ...

of umber, ochre and sienna ...
... appearing leaf by leaf,
day by day,
as Autumn spills fiery shades,
over Summer's patchwork,
wraps her cloak,
and extends her hand in cool embrace.

VJ feels a little melancholy,
at the thought of winter chill,
and darker days.

Cradling her Summer reverie,
she clings to the last warm breath,
as she would cling to a fading love.

Monday, 28 September 2015

At last ...

... the sun came out to play at the final Bridport Vintage Fair of 2015!
Every other one this year has been cold, mizzly or totally rained off!
Despite the vagaries of the great British summer, VJ loves this fair.
The atmosphere is friendly and buzzy,
the cafe is excellent,
and live music keeps toes tapping.
There is always an eclectic and varied array of items to buy.

Yesterday she met so many lovely people,
and caught up with friends old and new.
Hello Frances - thank you for being a new 'Follower' 
- you really need to get writing that blog again!
Hello Jane - it was good to catch up.
Hi Frankie - thanks for the cake ;)
Hey Wendy - go for it!   
Vintage Jane
Next one - hopefully April 2016!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Stopping for lunch ...

... in a bustling little market town, 
dissected by a lively river.
They pulled up next to the most gorgeous little car!
She fell in love with it immediately!
The owner had wandered off to the bakery, basket in hand.
The windows were open and keys still in the ignition!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

She couldn't resist ...

... a little shopping in France!
A dear little dolly's wardrobe ...
Delicate hand painted fan ...
Lots of fabric and pretty china ...
Olivewood rosary with stanhope ...
1930s Tour de France promotional flags ... 

and lots, lots more ...
All will be coming to fair's booked in over the next few weeks ...
Sunday 27th September   -   Bridport Vintage Market, St Michael's trding Estate
Saturday 3rd October   -   Wells Vintage Market, Wells Town Hall
Monday 12th October   -   Vintage at the Village Hall, The Corn Exchange, Blandford
Saturday 5th December   -   All Things Vintage & Lovely, Woodlands Castle, Taunton

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Following a lone traveller ...

... along a muddy path,
they heard noises in the distance,
clashing swords and warrior cries.
In the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the Alps,
they had stumbled across a jousting tournament!
Competing for the hand of the fair maiden.
Later there was food ...
jam bubbled on the stove ...
There were giant Vultures and this amazing Condor ...
And some burly Scots ...
It was an unepected afternoon's entertainment!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Rhone Alps

They had some summer fun and down time in the Alps,
a few days with friends and a few days on their own.

Lake Geneva was too cold for her,
but the little guys braved it!
The weather was typically unpredictable ...
wet one day and sunny the next!
The cloud cleared enough for them to get a good view of Mont Blanc.
They journeyed on the tram to the end of the line ...
and walked as close as they could to the silvered glacier.
It boomed and cracked,
rock and ice constantly moving.
They did a favourite hike through the Cirque du Fer a Cheval ...
They celebrated their wedding anniversary
with a meal at a traditional Savoyard restaurant ...
and feasted on simple food from the local markets.
The bread was sooo good ...
The cheese stall was very popular ...
they waited patiently in the queue for their Reblechon and Comte!

Little man has no fear of heights ...
Watching the sun go down from the balcony ...
They love this place.

(Summer is a great time to visit -
it is out of season and the ski chalets are such good value!)